The Shelf Episode 12 – Toru Tokikawa and David Bull on Ukiyo-e Heroes

Hot Docs 2017 invades The Shelf as Director Toru Tokikawa and ukiyo-e woodcarver David Bull join Eric Weiss to talk about Ukiyo-e Heroes, the new documentary about Ukiyo-e Heroes line of Japanese woodblock prints. Created by Jed Henry and David Bull, the Ukiyo-e Heroes prints feature popular characters from games like Mario Kart, Star Fox, and Shadow of the Colossus. The conversation ranges from cultural appropriation to the nuances of the artistic process as Tokikawa and Bull discuss the challenges of preserving analogue techniques in a digital age and the value of doing so.

Ukiyo-e Heroes is part of the Made in Japan program at Hot Docs 2017. You can check out our full review of Ukiyo-e Heroes over here, and be sure to stay tuned for more of our coverage of Hot Docs 2017!


Download the MP3 directly HERE

Ukiyo-e Heroes is Screening: 

Tue, May 2, 9:00 PM TIFF Bell Lightbox 3

Thu, May 4, 12:30 PM Scotiabank Theatre 13

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