The Shelf Minisode – Liam Gallagher on Supersonic

Today on The Shelf we’re posting the audio from an interview we did back in October with Liam Gallagher and Mat Whitecross for the release of Oasis: Supersonic, a very cool and funny documentary about the band’s short yet eventful road to fame and fortune. Supersonic hits Blu-ray and DVD this week and is available to rent or buy from our sponsor, Bay Street Video.

Extras on the DVD include an interview with Whitecross (28 mins), a photo gallery, trailer, and about 15 minutes of deleted interview clips about other gigs and humorous anecdotes like the time the band made Liam think the hotel they were staying in was haunted, and an incident where Liam was caught shoplifting razorblades.

You can also read a transcribed, slightly abbreviated version of the interview, along with our review of the film here.

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