Thor has Found His Loki

Stage actor Tom Hiddleston will play Loki in the new Thor film

Hello Everyone Jeff here, glad to be back and I’m very excited about this bit of casting news.

Why am I excited? Director Kenneth Branagh has demonstrated an ability to spot talent time and time again for his many film adaptations of Shakespeare plays. He takes stage actors and casts them in unlikely film roles. His selection of respected stage actor Tom Hiddleston for the role of Loki in his upcoming Thor film seems like a natural move for Branagh.

When you cast a Tom Cruise- or Arnold Schwarzenegger-level name to a project, it brings unneeded drama to set, drama unrelated to the project. This creates unwarranted hype and expectations amongst the viewing public, who aren’t going to go see the movie for its own merits, but because there is a big name attached. Think Schwarzenegger in Batman and Robin as Mr. Freeze… although seeing Batman and Robin for its own merits is another issue entirely.

The Doctor Who television series did this best; casting known talented actors as villains and non-household names as the lead characters.


This isn’t a case of a Daredevil or Ghost-Rider where you think, “Okay. I’ll see what Ben Affleck or Nic Cage can bring to this project,” leaving you weeping as you stare at your own crushed expectations. Thor is a project that seems to have things in order, they aren’t building the movie around a star. The calibre of the director and actors involved speak volumes about the potential quality of the movie.

Thor is set for release May 20, 2011.

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