Golden Globes

Tuned In Episode 1 – The Golden Globe for Incomplete Viewing

Winner! The Golden Globe For Best Incomplete Viewing

TV writers and Dork Shelf contributors Peter Counter and Susan Stover sit down to talk about the 74th annual Golden Globes and realize they haven’t seen most of the films or television shows nominated. Never fear! They do end up chatting about television shows that have been off the air for ten years, and what makes them cry. Come get to know the voices of the latest podcast on the Dork Shelf podcast network as Susan and Peter talk about their favourite shows ever (House and Lost), why it’s impossible to be fully informed about a TV award show (too many good shows), what’s awesome about the shows they did watch (AtlantaThe Crown, TransparentWestworld), and how much they disagree on the winner of Best Animated Feature despite not caring about awards shows or having seen its competition.

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