TV Character Battle: Ben Linus of Lost vs. That Guy from Lie To Me

Tim Roth as Dr. Cal Lightman from Lie To Me and Michael Emerson as Benjamin Linus from Lost

Friend of Dork Shelf and fellow dork in her own right, Christie St. Martin, has posted an epic TV character grudge match over at her newly redesigned site.  What would happen if you pitted Benjamin Linus from Lost, master deceiver and manipulator extraordinaire against Lie To Me‘s Dr. Cal Lightman, a human Lie Detector?

Having watched Lost since the start, I pretty much assume everything Ben is saying at any given point is a lie.  I’ve only seen one episode of Lie To Me, but I do know a few things: that Cal Lightman is awesome because he’s played by Tim Roth and that he has the uncanny ability to spot a lie.  It’s a really tough one to call, since these two are essentially the Superman and Batman of lying and deception.  St. Martin lays out the two contender’s advantages and disadvantages and leaves it up to the reader to decide the winner.  Who are you going to take Lightman or Linus?

Dr. Cal Lightman from Lie to Me versus Benjamin Linus from Lost

I’ve got to give this one to Ben Linus.  Sure, Lightman could probably catch Ben a lie—not hard to do when practically everything he says is a lie!—but that would be as far as he would go.  Ben would go much further, he either would have kidnapped Lightman’s daughter weeks ago to use as some kind of human bargaining chip, or he’d just cut to the chase and choke him to death in a hotel room.


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