Video: Deadpool is the Worst Halloween Chaperone Ever

Most superheroes aspire to be role models, standing as paragons of virtue that set good examples and impart important life lessons to the children. Fortunately for us adults, Deadpool is not most superheroes. He only seems to care about impressionable young minds as long as he can make them do his bidding, and he’s not going to waste any recruitment opportunity now that all of the grown-up X-Men are off in another timeline fighting Apocalypse. Ryan Reynolds put on his red suit for Halloween and tried to persuade a Mojo-verse team of mini X-Men to help him do, um, something (the what is a little unclear), but it doesn’t really matter because even kids know better than to listen to Deadpool, as you can see in the video below:

Is this marketing for the Deadpool movie coming out in February? Of course. You’d also have to hope (and assume) that most of this is scripted. But Ryan Reynolds is still quite amusing (fingers crossed, but he really does seem to get the character), and his recruitment efforts are a delightful reminder of why you should never let your child go trick-or-treating with Deadpool. He’d definitely be the one putting razor blades in all the candy.

via The Mary Sue

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