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Watch Your Favorite Movies from Any Corner of the World

How do you watch your favorite TV shows and the latest movies from anywhere you are? Is it even possible to get a free access to those blocked movies while being somewhere in China, India, Spain or Brazil? What does it take to get a free torrent service while traveling? Should you rely on local programs and television in general? Can you get a British Netflix while staying in the US or Canada?

Today, we’re going to answer all of these questions and even more. We’re going to discuss the problem, which disturbs a lot of travelers, especially those who can’t imagine traveling for a long time without being able to watch the newest episode of The Crown, Black Mirror, or Alias Grace. To be honest, there is only one solution to all of these issues mentioned above, and it is called a VPN service. Yes, a virtual private network or a VPN is the only thing you need to watch any TV-show abroad. Today, we’re going to talk about the ways you can use a VPN to watch Netflix and other channels in any country of the world. If you’re interested what kind of service will suit your device particularly, see this here to get the deeper understanding of the market and options you have.

And now, let’s find out what can you do to watch any kind of movie or TV how abroad.

popcorn and gummy bears

How to Prepare Your Device to Watch Movies Abroad


Have you ever wondered whether it is necessary to prepare your smartphone or laptop somehow before traveling abroad? We’re not talking about watching movies and TV shows for free only. What we mean is that your device needs to be protected from hackers, cyber criminals, and government monitoring in case you’re going to use a public network outside your home. And you’ll probably do it.

In 2018 it is difficult to imagine someone who has a smartphone or a laptop and has never connected them to the Internet while sitting in the airport, in a cafe, or in a hotel lobby. The kind of protection that will make your device disappear for hackers and cyber criminals is a VPN service. Yes, a VPN service is both a protection from hackers and a tool for easy access to blocked data, including numerous movie and series websites. This is the key reason to install it while preparing for a trip.

How to Install a VPN on Your Device

First of all, don’t wait to install a VPN after arriving to a new country. There chances are high that you won’t be able to do it there, as a lot of countries block the websites which provide free access to the VPNs. So, always do it while you’re still at home. Thus, you have higher chances to successfully install a virtual private network app fast and easy without any errors and lags.


The whole process of installation is quite easy. There are only a few steps:

  • Choose a VPN service you want to work with. There are a couple of principles you should follow when picking a VPN. First of all, check if it supports your OS. Then, find the region you’re going to connect to in the list of servers your VPN app has. The more server options you get, the better.
  • Download and install it.
  • Go to the settings, choose VPN and connect to it. Now, your device is going to think you’re home no matter in which country you are – France, China, Poland, Australia, Denmark, Great Britain, or Greece.
  • Go to the website you want to stream a movie from and watch your favorite TV-show or any movie you like without any errors, lags, or delays.

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If you want to install a VPN to watch Netflix programs particularly, check which server you need, as different countries have different versions of Netflix with different programs. So, to watch a specific movie you may need to have a French version of Netflix, but not a British one. Check if your VPN supports those kinds of countries to connect to. Unlocking Netflix is among the most popular reasons why many people use VPNs nowadays. This is true especially for those countries which block any kind of entertaining Internet activity heavily.

The brightest example is China, where all popular websites are blocked. For example, you won’t be able to watch videos or movie trailers on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo or listen to your favorite soundtracks on SoundCloud there. Each of these websites, as well as VPN services, is blocked in China. Today, even Netflix itself fights against multiple VPN services to restrict free access to their website from different parts of the world. This concerns even a number of services which have been consistently working trying to avoid the Netflix ban. Still, there are very powerful VPNs, which can unblock a British or French, or US version of Netflix in Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Australia, etc.

By the way, those VPNs, which work great for Netflix will work great for gaming as well. Keep it in mind if you’re a gamer.


So, if you travel a lot but don’t want to miss the new episode of your favorite Netflix TV-show or any kind of movie, download a VPN and watch it whenever and wherever you want. Or you can use it even if you’re staying at home but want to get a wider variety of movies provided by the Netflix of your particular region. For example, an American Netflix has up to 11.000 titles while Australian version is only about 1.500 titles only.

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