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Xombi #1
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Xombi #1 was a surprise for me. An awesome surprise! My random pick from the comic shelf, the art just grabbed my attention, being almost Baroque in its richness and visual impact. I was, and to a certain extent still am, unfamiliar with the character, but that didn’t prevent me from enjoying creator John Rozum’s new take on this formerly languishing DC Comics character.

Xombi focuses on a man who has been exposed to a nano-mechanical virus that keeps him in perfect shape, unaging, and potentially immortal. More than that, it can absorb and then mimic any material he comes into contact with. Yet this highly technical-sounding origin is wrapped in a very occult-spiritual world, and is clearly aimed at the horror genre market. For all the labels just applied, know that Xombi #1 is a phenomenal comic that is worth to picking up.

John Rozum’s story quickly brings readers up to speed on Xombi’s background, through a couple of fun pages. Rozum does such a great job with the dialogue and Xombi’s narration, that even though you know this summary is a necessary plot device for new readers, it remains fun and engaging. And his nuns (yes nuns!), with their interesting names and bizarre powers, are one of the best parts of the issue.

Fraser Irving’s art is the best aspect of this great comic. Smooth, rich artwork, with intense sepia tones, this eye catching comic never once slacks from its incredibly high level of artistry. I love reading comics where both the art and the writing are so strong; in Xombi they push each other to even greater heights, combining into a truly incredible read.


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