Army of Thieves Interviews: Matthias Schweighöfer, Stuart Martin, and Guz Khan

Army of Thieves is the prequel to Zack Snyder’s zombie heist blockbuster Army of the Dead. Army of Thieves sees how fan favourite character Dieter (Matthias Schweighöfer) first stumbled into the world of crime.

In addition to staring as Army of Thieves’ lead character, Schweighofer also directed the film.

That Shelf sat down for virtual chats with Schweighöfer and his castmates Stuart Martin and Guz Khan. The interviews discuss working with Zack Snyder, expanding the Army of the Dead universe, and which badass team member they would bring on an actual heist.

Army of Thieves Interview: Matthias Schweighöfer

Army of Thieves Interview Stuart Martin and Guz Khan

Army of Thieves synopsis:

A prequel, set before the events of Army of the Dead, which focuses on German safecracker Ludwig Dieter leading a group of aspiring thieves on a top secret heist during the early stages of the zombie apocalypse.

Army of Thieves is available to stream on Netflix on Friday, October 29th, 2021.