Bad Turn Worse Review

This debut film from siblings Simon and Zeke Hawkins doesn’t contain realistic characters, dialogue, or even a believable set-up for a good neo-noir. It’s merely a tired exercise from people who watched one too many films from Tarantino or the Coen Brothers and somehow thought that people making long-winded, grandiose, asinine speeches before killing someone makes up for a complete and utter lack of depth in every other respect.To put it bluntly, Bad Turn Worse is quite an appropriate title for this drivel that played originally as We Gotta Get Out of This Place when it debuted at TIFF in 2013.

A psychopathic teen (Logan Huffman) steals twenty grand from his even more psychopathic boss (Mark Pellegrino) to give his girlfriend (Mackenzie Davis) and his best bud (Jeremy Allen White) a night on the town they’ll never forget. When the theft is discovered and the money turns out to the property of a local crime lord and money launderer, the trio are forced into stealing a large sum of cash to work off the debt.

We Gotta Get Out of This Place

The performances are fine and the Hawkins have a good visual eye, but listening to these characters prattle on and posture inconsequentially is exhausting beyond words. It doesn’t sound like a script, but like a foul mouthed professor lecturing about golden age crime literature. It’s easy to root for everyone to be killed, but that’s probably the point. I was just wishing the bloodshed would come sooner as I chanted the title to myself over and over again across 90 gruelling minutes.

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