Ice Blue Review

Ice Blue from director Sandi Somers' is a cold-blooded Canadian-made thriller that delivers a series of twists and turns.

His Dark Materials Episode 1.01 Review: “Lyra’s Jordan”

The HBO and BBC adaptation of His Dark Materials, known better in North America as The Golden Compass series, is the second major screen adaptation effort after the disastrously reviewed film in 2007. Does the first episode get right what the movie version didn't?

Synonyms Review

Synonyms, the Golden Bear-winning film from Nadav Lapid is an exhilarting feat.

The Kill Team Review

A young American soldier serving in Afghanistan faces a moral dilemma after he’s disturbed by his commanding officer’s behaviour.

TADFF 2019: Come To Daddy Review

Director Ant Timpson’s debut feature Come To Daddy is a weird and wild ride, full of surprises and superb performances from stars Elijah Wood and Stephen McHattie.

TADFF 2019: The Assent Review

The less said about The Assent the better. While the film follows the standard exorcism execution, there’s enough here to offer a fresh look at the genre with some jump scares along the way.