Cannes 2024: Megalopolis Review

Francis Ford Coppola's epic sci-fi passion project Megalopolis has been decades in the making, but how does the wildness stack up in the final cut?

Cannes 2024: Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga Review

In Furiosa, director George Miller continues to recognize the pure cinematic joy of this type of story, where action, montage, score, sound effect all merge to craft an experience that no other art, from the small screen to the stage to the written word, can truly challenge.

Unboxing: UHQR Vinyl Release of Steely Dan’s AJA

In this video, editor-in-chief Jason Gorber takes a look at and reviews the UHQR Vinyl release of Steely Dan’s AJA. He compares it to other pressings of the legendary record, and what makes this pressing unique, as well as his thoughts on this unique pressing. Check out the video here and catch up on other […]