Bay Pursuing Frank Welker for Transformers 2

Soundwave as he appeared in the Transformers comics from Toronto's Dreamwave.

Fans of the original Transformers cartoon were up in arms when director Michael Bay passed up Frank Welker for the voice of Megatron, the role he originated in the 80’s cartoon. Instead the role of Megatron went to actor Hugo Weaving, with Welker reprising his role only in the Transformers video game that accompanied the film.  The only original voice actor who did return was Peter Cullen, voicing Autobot leader Optimus Prime.

Welker fans rejoice because Michael Bay has stated on his personal message board that he will be pursuing Frank Welker for the role of another Decepticon he voiced on the original cartoon: Soundwave. Yes, everyone’s favourite evil transforming boom-box will be featured in Bay’s upcoming Transformers sequel.  I for one cannot wait to hear Soundwave’s distinctive electronic voice on the big screen.

Michael Bay on Frank Welker @

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