Blood Quantum Trailer: The Zombie Movie 2020 Needs

Heading into TIFF 2019, Jeff Barnaby’s midnight madness movie, Blood Quantum, was high on our must-see lists. And the filmmaker’s brutally violent zombie flick/social commentary didn’t disappoint. The film earned two positive reviews from That Shelf’s writers, which you can watch here and read here

And right on time for Halloween, Elevation Pictures has dropped a teaser trailer for the upcoming film.

Blood Quantum trailer:

The best zombie flicks deliver plenty of gross-out moments, as well as some food for thought, and Blood Quantum checks both boxes. Go out of your way to watch this film when it arrives in theatres next year.

Blood Quantum synopsis:

The dead are coming back to life outside the isolated Mi’gMaq reserve of Red Crow, except for its Indigenous inhabitants who are strangely immune to the zombie plague.

Blood Quantum arrives in theatres in 2020.