CFF 2014: Play the Film Review

Play the Film

Play The Film

When the opening night of a new play goes horribly awry, actors are forced to frantically improvise the plot onstage. Clashing egos, tested friendships, and a series of disastrous misunderstandings combine to create the most offensive, shocking and accidental piece of live theater ever to debut.

Such a funny premise (and I have been involved in a few disastrous stage shows to know that this comes from a place of truth), but that doesn’t save Play: The Film from being an unholy mess of a film that tries too hard to be anything at all. 

Written and co-produced by co-star Kelly McCormick, this story tries to shoe horn something politically relevant into its premise and tries to make us believe that this is an off-Broadway show when it looks like it is taking place at a community theatre in Saskatoon.  Director Alec Toller doesn’t have a lot to work with. This ensemble who don’t have a ton of credits to their name really have nothing to work with as the entire script which blends American and Canadian references with no continuity control is just ridiculous.  It’s just actors vamping and acting crazy for the sake of doing exactly that. Even though it’s supposed to be a film about a show turning into a train wreck, it’s actually just a cinematic train wreck.


This could have been goofy and funny with some actual funny and perceptive gags or concepts, but it’s just a disaster that doesn’t give us a reason to care about anyone, which could have helped even if the rest of the film was still as unfunny as it ultimately is. There are no stakes, little story, and very few bright spots. (Dave Voigt)


Saturday, March 22nd, 4:15pm, The Royal