Check Your Shelf:
June 2013

Hey fellow Dorks! Recently I’ve been getting a lot of messages from community-minded Dork Shelfers who want to share their exciting new comics, upcoming events, and crowd-funding campaigns with the world. Here’s my round-up of the most exciting goodies you nerds have let me know about for June 2013!


Todd & the Book of Pure Evil: The End of the End IndieGoGo Campaign

One of my favourite recent shows, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil ran for two awesomely-metal seasons on Space and FearNET before being unceremoniously cancelled by the powers that be, leaving the show with an epic, unresolved cliffhanger. The Todd creators started an IndieGoGo campaign to fund a feature-length animated film which would wrap the series up, and with twenty days left in the campaign, they hit their $75k goal. Now with only a week left, Todd needs your help to hit their $100,000 stretch goal – and they’re only 7k away! If you love comedy/heavy metal/inappropriate musical numbers/Jason Mewes/blood mops, you should check this campaign out right now.




Another great IndieGoGo campaign, Monstrosity is a collaborative graphic novel which hopes to pay homage to all the campy, classic monster flicks and reads of your parents’ generation. Put together by Canadian self-publishers Brian Evinou and Phil McClorey, contributors to this Godzilla-smashy UFO-invasiony, giant-roboty collection include J. Bone, Noel Tauzon, and James Turner. Check out this campaign and if you keep funding it up, you’ll be able to grab your very own copy at FanExpo Canada in just a few months.


Nerd Girl Burlesque Presents BoobTube

If you’re a Toronto-area Dork who happens to enjoy both nerdy television and nerdy ladies, then you might want to consider checking Baltic Avenue on Friday July 5, where Nerd Girl Burlesque will be performing their brand-new show, BoobTube! The NGB ladies will sexily send-up their all-time fave shows, including She-Ra, Sailor Moon, Adventure Time, and Game of Thrones, so you’ll probably want to show up early for some good seats.

Black Hole

The Black Hole Hunter’s Club


Co-created by Ricky Lima and Shane Heron, The Black Hole Hunter’s Club was impressively created during a twelve-hour comic jam at Toronto’s Comic Book Lounge in March. Ignoring the misplaced comma in the title, BHHC is about two bounty-hunting bro spacebugs – Hector and awkward shapeshifter Lars – who (like the rest of us) get through their daily space-bounty-hunting gig to pay the bills. The relationship between Hector and Lars is hilariously charming, and though the material is often about gruesome death, the bugs are just so darn cute and the dialogue so witty that is makes the comic instantly likeable. Check your copy at Stadium Comics, the Comic Book Lounge, Paradise comics, or online!

That’s it for this month! If you have anything you’d like to share with Dork Shelf readers on Check Your Shelf, go ahead and drop me a line on Twitter @SamMaggs. You can also hit up our fantastic comics editor Nicole, @Fred42 or email us at

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