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Disney’s Epic New Artemis Fowl Trailer is Pure Magic

This week fans of the Artemis Fowl series are having a “Pinch me I think I’m dreaming moment.” The first trailer for Disney’s upcoming Artemis Fowl adaptation is here to reassure them that the movie is actually happening. After almost two decades of development hell, the beloved YA series is set for an August 2019 release date. The trailer doesn’t spoil too much about the story, but it does reveal the series sci-fi/fantasy elements and thrilling sense of adventure. Take a look.

If you’ve never heard of Artemis Fowl, you should know that the books are a huge deal. The series, written by Irish author Eoin Colfer, consists of eight novels, published between 2001 and 2012, with a spinoff series set to hit bookshelves in 2020. The story centres around young criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl who discovers the world of fairies and decides to rob them.

Here’s Disney’s official synopsis:

Directed by Kenneth Branagh and based on the beloved book by Eoin Colfer, ARTEMIS FOWL follows 12-year-old genius Artemis Fowl, a descendant of a long line of criminal masterminds, as he finds himself in a battle of strength and cunning against a powerful, hidden race of fairies who may be behind his father’s disappearance.

It’s unfathomable how such a well-received series could sit on the sidelines for so long before receiving the big screen treatment. I love the idea of a hero who descended from criminals deciding to go Ocean’s Eleven on the supernatural world. It’s a concept that bends genre rules to its fancy to create something fresh – it’s everything I hoped for but didn’t get from Netflix’ big-budget Orc-cop stinker, Bright.


Talent-wise, Artemis Fowl is in good hands. Screenwriter Michael Goldenberg worked on Contact, Peter Pan (2007), and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. And director Kenneth Branagh knows a thing or two about blending together sci-fi and fantasy worlds. Branagh is one of the MCU’s OGs. In 2011 he adapted Thor, a character who at the time was Marvel’s biggest challenge (think thunder gods, flying hammers, and rainbow bridges), and delivered a compelling superhero story in a believable world. Although Artemis Fowl’s lead Ferdia Shaw is an enigma with no IMDb credits, the supporting cast features notable talent such as Hong Chau, Josh Gad, and Judi Dench as Commander Root!

With its rich lore, big studio push, and respected director at the helm, I’m definitely reserving a spot for Artemis Fowl on my 2019 Must-See calendar. What are the other YA adaptations are you dying to see? Let us know on twitter @OnThatShelf.

Disney’s ARTEMIS FOWL releases in U.S. theatres on August 9, 2019.

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