District 9 Trailer Lands

Commercial director Neill Blomkamp was originally hired by Peter Jackson to direct the live-action Halo film, but when that fell through Blomkamp was left in the lurch.  Thankfully at least some good has come of the situation, with Halo in development hell Blomkamp was given the opportunity to make District 9, a feature length version of his short film Alive in JoburgDistrict 9 is a documentary style film chronicling the unexpected arrival of extraterrestrials in South Africa, and the effect that living alongside these new creatures has on society.

Alive in Joburg is an amazing short film, that Blomkamp got to make a feature length version is beyond awesome.  Neill Blomkamp is a director to watch, I highly recommend you check out Alive in Joburg and his other short films/commericals on YouTubeDistrict 9 will have a limited international release in August.

District 9 Official Site

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