Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Footage

With the demise of 3D Realms this week, the future of Duke Nukem Forever is in doubt. 2K Games own the rights to DNF, but whether they will choose to actually finish development of the game is unknown.  Thanks to some of the artists and designers who worked on the game we’re seeing the first real screenshots of the game, and today the first real video of this particular iteration of Duke Nukem Forever.  Be warned: the video contains strong language, (rendered) nudity, and violence, of course.

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From what I see the game looks fun, but it was nothing too revolutionary. Duke Nukem never really about pushing barriers, people liked it because it was always about blowing shit up and cracking one-liners.  I just wonder if 3D Realms had been more forthcoming with screenshots and videos of the game, maybe public interest would not have waned the way it did—and maybe 2K Games would have kept funding the development. Changing the engine and technology the game was being developed on so many times didn’t help either. If only George Broussard weren’t so obsessed with Pogs, we might have been playing this game 5 years ago.

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