Fox Planning to Ruin Perfectly Good Marvel Properties… Again!

Fantastic Four in comic book form, where they can actually be good!

Not satisfied with making two terrible Fantastic Four movies, 20th Century Fox is once again poised to ruin Fantastic Four: this time from is reporting that in addition to rebooting the Daredevil franchise(oh goody.) Fox will be going in a different direction for the next Fantastic Four.  In the wake of serious comic book films like The Dark Knight and to a lesser extent Iron Man, the studios are now convinced that darker is better.  Whether this will actually pay off by giving us a particularly good film is highly doubtful since 20th Century Fox is seemingly only interested in raping every decent Marvel franchise they can get their grubby little hands on; leaving a bloated, dead corpse of a film that only superficially resembles the source material.  Sorry for the graphic analogy, but that’s how I feel.  You saw X-Men 3, right?

I for one will pass on the new Fantastic Four film.  As much as a brooding Reed Richards and psychpathic Doctor Doom sound interesting(it doesn’t), there is no way Fox will get it right.  They’re merely riding the tide of post-Dark Knight morally ambiguous superheroes.  I didn’t see the first two Fantastic Four films, and I sure as hell am not going to give a new Daredevil film a chance if 20th Century Fox has anything to do with it.

Fantastic Four is Getting a Reboot @

As a side note, this new tone and direction for superhero films bodes well for the Wolverine film, also produced by Fox.  Principal photography had wrapped on Wolverine and it was pretty much in the bag, when Fox decided they needed to reshoot large portions of the film.  I guarantee this decision came from some Fox suit who stated that “Yeah it’s pretty good I guess , but it needs to be more like the Dark Knight!”


Thanks to Raj for the heads up.

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