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Dork Shelf and Gamercamp make media partnership official!

Gamercamp Magazine

Good news, everyone! To bring you the most comprehensive coverage of this year’s Gamercamp, Dork Shelf has partnered with the fine folks behind the video game culture festival to bring you exclusive and extended content from the very first issue of Gamercamp Magazine. Those unable to get their paws on a hard copy of the mag (see the awesome Guacamelee cover above) will be able to read all of the articles contained within here on through the Gamercamp Magazine tag.

Highlights from the magazine include a closer look at Takashi Miike’s Ace Attorney movie, an exploration of music in the games Sound Shapes and Dyad, the story of Metanet Software’s N and N+ from co-creator Mare Sheppard, a preview of the very big year to come for Toronto game developers, and much more.

Stay tuned! Starting today, we’ll be posting new content from the magazine every day in the lead-up to Gamercamp, which runs November 3 and 4.


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