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Geek Nerd Dork Episode 20

It’s a rare condition…

Dork Shelf Presents GeekNerdDork

This week we try some new things on the show: a new cold open, followed by some music, our guests and then various odds and ends.

Our first guest this week is the incredibly funny Kathleen Corrigan (The Shelf’s resident TV Dork), who shares her insights on bad writing and celebrity culture in Canada. Our next guest tries to help educate us in style, Samantha Fraser sheds some light on the diversity of relationships, video game evolution and the all important question, what happened to Toronto Zanta?

We have mixed things up a bit this week by adding some tunes to the mix. You can find the track listing a little further down the post.


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This Week’s Soundtrack

It’s Getting Boring By The Sea – Blood Red Shoes


Garbage Truck  – Sex Bob-omb

Teenage Dream – T-Rex

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Big thanks to our friend DJ FINISH HIM for providing the title track to the podcast.
You can hear more of his music here.


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