Girls Episode 1.4 Recap

Another week, another episode of Lena Dunham’s Girls to love/hate.

Let’s see what happened to the girls of HBO —

There wasn’t a title sequence again. So, I should probably stop looking forward to an intricately designed collage of ripped pantyhose, cupcakes and (doubly ironic) PBR cans.

Hannah has the lion’s share of problems this week, as always. She’s sent a sext by her “boyfriend” that was meant for someone else, her boss is feeling her up, and her diary is found by unfriendly snoops. Initially, I found a lot in Hannah’s character that I found relatable, but after the premiere of Girls, her inability to remove herself from unhealthy situations is dragging Dunham’s protagonist into the mud. Her work situation is begging for a sexual harassment case to be opened. Her diary should be hidden a little better. And, please, let’s not even speak about Adam, Hannah’s douchebag sex friend. Okay, well, I kind of have to; He texts a picture of his penis to Hannah, starting off the episode, and, of course, it’s by accident. That sext was meant for another girl. Instead of listening to Marnie and her co-workers — Dump him! — Dunham rips off her shirt and Hannah sends Adam a naked picture of herself. She almost redeems herself, however, when Hannah shouts at Adam eloquently and succinctly about her dissatisfaction with both their behaviour. I was cheering her on — Dump him! Dump him! But then she doesn’t. It’s like Dunham really, really doesn’t want me to care about Hannah. Because, right now, I don’t.

Even though I was pretty sure Marnie’s newly-shaven “American History X” boyfriend Charlie was a goner in episode two, he’s still kicking around, isn’t he? Yep, there he is in Marnie and Hannah’s apartment writing a song about Keds while doing carpentry! Keds. Carpentry. While writing a song for their two-man indie band. Ugh. To make things even worse, Alex Karpovsky appears as Charlie’s friend Ray; If you remember, he played the YouTube wunderkind in Dunham’s film Tiny Furniture. When I first recognized who he was, I assumed that, like in Tiny Furniture, Karpovsky will be playing a scumbag in Girls. He doesn’t disappoint. If Charlie is still Marnie’s boyfriend in the next episode of Girls, then it’s not only Hannah that makes godawful life decisions.

Jessa’s still at her babysitting gig despite her dumbfounded awe that, yes, you do have to show up every day to work even if you don’t feel like it. I was initially proud of her for committing to something, but then Jessa’s “I’m just like all of you” comment to the other caregivers was steeped in deeply pretentious delusion. Despite this and surprising everyone, however, Jessa’s quickly turning into the most emotionally accessible of the main characters on Girls. In an honest moment to the father of the kids she’s watching, Jessa admits that when she was a child she used to lie often, telling people that her mother was “this awesome mom” and that they were the best of friends. It’s a sad moment and a short one, but it’s a key into a character that’s otherwise drawn in wispy, oblique lines.

Now for that weekly question: Is Shoshanna still a virgin? Yes, she is, though a camp counsellor of hers came quite close to doing the deed. I’m slightly surprised that Shoshanna gave permission to a man in sandals and a knee brace to enter her apartment let alone allow him to hypothetically take her virginity.

Oh, and another thing:


  • “It’s probably his asshole wearing a friendship bracelet!”
  • “These are holes.” They’re not crotchless panties.
  • Hannah’s eyebrows are so distracting after her co-workers “fix” them.
  • “I so don’t get attached when I bleed.” Shoshanna has the best line delivery, and the best lines, to be honest.
  • Brunch reference; It took four episodes.