Girls Episode 1.6 Recap

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This is the episode we’ve been waiting for, everybody! “The Return”, episode six of Girls, marks executive producer Judd Apatow’s first appearance as co-writer on the show. After five episodes of Lena Dunham solely at the helm, it’s a bit of a relief to have someone else in the mix creatively; There were a few episodes there that were occasionally sluggish.

But that was then. Now, we’re in Michigan!

With a garbage bag of laundry in tow, Hannah visits her parents for their 30th anniversary. This return home gives Hannah the opportunity to see what her life could have been like if she hadn’t decided on becoming a writer and living in New York. And, as with any return of the prodigal son to la familia, Hannah eats all the leftovers in her parents’ fridge (with her hands), sleeps in until lunch, and gives her mother permanent bitch-face.

While on an errand for her mother, Hannah meets Erik, the sweet, long-haired pharmacist, who is essentially the antithesis of Adam. (I can’t believe Adam, “the douche,” is still factoring in on this show. But, he is.) Erik remembers Hannah from high school distinctly, is interested in her, and horrified by Hannah’s frank behaviour in bed. Up until this episode, I thought Adam was abusing Hannah emotionally, and I guess he still is, but that’s clearly what she wants out of her relationships and sex.

Her (surprisingly not caustic) conversation with Adam — “I don’t even care if you get my name wrong.” — and his description of New York City from his apartment window have Hannah smiling by the end of the episode, showing that, even though they’re not easy, Adam and New York are Hannah’s. In the end, the alternate life presented to Hannah in “The Return”, that of a florist/teacher with a blonde, caring boyfriend and without rent to pay, won’t make Hannah “the voice of her generation” and that’s what’s most important to her.

Oh, and another thing:
– Is Shosh still a virgin? Yes. Yes, she is. Well, who really knows? We’ve barely seen Shoshanna these last couple episodes. Bring back the Spwan of Mamet!
– There’s a Parker Poesy Party Girl poster on Hannah’s wall and little else.
– Plenty of Goo Goo Dolls love on tonight’s episode.
– Hannah’s mother needs her prescription now — now! — but Hannah still manages to squeeze in a lunch and score a date.
“You are from New York and, therefore, you’re just naturally interesting.” I often forget why anyone could like Hannah, and then she delivers this pep talk to her reflection before a date.
– I was just as cynical as Hannah during Blonde Friend With Beret’s little “derrière” dance at The Benefit For Kary Lawrence. That might pass in Michigan, but you’re leaving for L.A. in the morning, kid. Also, your boyfriend’s so gay.
– I was unsure if Tad’s Annie Hall impersonation was supposed to be Woody Allen… or Christopher Walken.