Green Lantern Moving to New Orleans?

Hal Jordan is the Green Lantern

Director Martin Campbell was supposed to start shooting the Green Lantern film in Australia in just a few weeks, but apparently the rise of the Australian dollar seems to be putting that start date in jeopardy.  When you’re making a film with a $150 million (US) budget in another country, a spike in the value of the local currency means you won’t be getting as much bang for your buck.  The Australian dollar sits at 81 cents US right now, whereas the Canadian dollar is about 91 cents US.  It would only be fitting if they ended up shooting Green Lantern in Canada, since Ryan Reynolds, the man playing Hal Jordan is Canadian.  Sadly, since our dollar is even higher than the Aussie one, that seems very unlikely.

So where will Hal Jordan’s hometown end up?  Coast City obviously needs to have a coast of some sort.  SlashFilm reported that Warner Bros. had the city of New Orleans, Louisana in mind for a backup location filming location.  With the shoot scheduled to begin in mid-September, it seems a little too late to move the entire production halfway around the world just to save a few million dollars.  I thought these Hollywood types were made of money!  I’m still convinced that Reynolds hometown of Vancouver would make a great Coast City.

Via Slashfilm

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