Joe Dempsie as Chris and Larissa Wilson as Jal in Series 1, Episode 4 of Skins

Hazel and Katniss and Harry and Starr Podcast: Skins Series 1, Episodes 3-4

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Book 6, Chapter 41: Skins Series 1, Episodes 3-4

Joe and Brenna’s journey through the first series of Skins continue with extremely different episodes: an underwhelming episode on Jal that doesn’t even put her front and center, and a harrowing episode about Chris that nearly broke Joe’s husband.

Plus: a ratings discrepancy, hatred for Michelle, and Brenna finally confesses why her mothering instinct is kicking in so strongly.


Read on for more about this week’s episode from co-host Joe Lipsett:

Brenna and I are only four episodes into our Skins journey and it feels like there’s already so much to unpack.

When we discussed episodes 1 & 2, we talked a lot about Tony and how he controls the group. These new episodes follow Jal and Chris, but we were struck by how Jal isn’t even the focus of her own episode! Chris, meanwhile, is clearly the most tragic figure on the show, which is saying something given how messed up everyone is.

The other talking point is how Skins is in conversation with other YA shows, especially when it comes to Chris’ relationship with his teacher, Angie. This is a classic teen trope that we’re not fond of, so it’s surprising to see it on a program from the late 2000s.

Anyways, we’ll have plenty more to say about that storyline as we move through the back half of Series 1 -JL


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