Introducing “You Haven’t Seen BLANK?!”

A few months back, fellow Shelfer and all-around superstar Emma Badame posted a detailed article outlining the multitude of classic, underrated, and blockbustery films celebrating milestones this year, going back 100 years to 1922 (2022 minus 100 carry the 24…….yup, math checks out).

In case you missed it (tsk tsk tsk), here it is, in all its list-y glory.

Now, because I’m a terrible film watcher (and thus person), I haven’t seen many of these…oh so so so many of these.

In order to mitigate this insult to Film™ itself, I’ve decided to use this fantastic resource for a new monthly column I’ve affectionately titled…



Starting this month and continuing through to December 2022, I’ll be setting up a monthly poll with the films I haven’t seen from that decade. It will then be YOUR responsibility (as well as that of my That Shelf peers, friends, family, well-wishers, naysayers, doodads, whatnots and, of course, Twitterers) to vote on which film I should watch for that month. Each poll will cover a 10-year period (and all the films contained therein), starting this month with “10 YEARS ON: 2012” (what a time to be alive…).

In these articles, I’ll explore why I haven’t seen that film, what prevented me from seeing it, what annoying (ugh) ~*LIFE*~ events got in the way, my first impressions, perhaps my first-and-last-time-ever impressions (I’m lookin’ at you, Hobbit), etc. I’ll potentially get answers to the following eterna-burning questions:

  • Is Jeremy Renner a better Bourne than Damon?
  • How horrifyingly bad is Norbit, anyway?
  • Why does Fincher hate Alien³?
  • What the hell isTron?
  • Who is coming to dinner in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (and to a less mysterious extent, The Man Who Came to Dinner)?
  • What did happen to Old Yeller in Old Yeller? He’s fine…right? That’s why he’s old……right???
  • And so many others!

I’ve also invited my fellow Shelfers to contribute to the column by submitting blurbs for any “winning” film that they HAVE seen, and that they love/hate, recommend incessantly/can’t stand, have watched every week since it was released/hope to never bear witness to again, etc.


Some of you will be appalled by the films I’ve failed to watch (just wait til ’97…).

For that, I apologize.

Nonetheless, my hope is that you’ll join me in watching these films for the first time, or revisiting those you haven’t seen in a while. I also hope you’ll question why in the world you enjoyed some of these in the first place (once again, I’m lookin’ at you, Hobbit!).

The poll is posted below. I look forward to your votes.


See you in 2012.

UPDATE: Voting for the first poll has closed, and the winner is…

Magic Mike (2012) - IMDb

(I’m definitely gonna have a damn good time with this one)