Jeff’s Pulls for the Week of July 29

Welcome back to the pull list, let’s get down to it!

Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #3 (of 3)

This issue wraps up our introdcution to the big players in the Blackest Night event.  Again, this issue features various artist depicting the various Lanterns of the emotional spectrum. Pick it up to give you some background for Blackest Night, and to complete the panoramic cover when you lay the three issues next to eachother.

Fantastic Four #569


Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch return to make the world’s most unrelatable family a fun and exciting book you actually care to read.  Issue #569 is inching us ever closer to the end of their run on this book.  Tears will flow from my eyes when Millar and Hitch leave Fantastic Four

Justice League Of America #35

I won’t lie to you, this is strictly a collection title.  I’m getting this book for the sake of maintaining continuity in my collection.  I can’t wait for Mark Bagley to come on board JLA and see him draw some of DC’s big guns.

New Avengers #55 (Dark Reign)


Bendis is back with Stuart Immonen on art duty. All the revelations about the new Dr. Voodoo and the team starting a new story arc, makes this an excellent opportunity for new readers to jump into this series.  New Avengers is a book that has not let me down, and I’m happy to collect it.

Rapture #3 (of 6)

The Oeming/Soma duo return with one of the more dynamic books in my collection.  Thankfully this story keeps your eyes moving and your heart strings plucked at just the right moments.  You’re invested in the characters and it’s like you’re right there in the book.  If you dig this book, write to the letter to Dark Horse and let these guys know we need more stuff from Oeming and Soma.

Ultimatum #5 (of 5)


Finally, holy shit… it ends!  This horrible ending to what could have been an excellent story is upon us; and it’s mostly random nonsense.  With practically half the characters dead, Marvel’s Ultimate Universe as we know it is over.  This allows the new creative teams to pick up the scraps of this mess, and hopefully start anew.  The art has been pretty good, but this is certainly not one for the kids.  That’s right, no more Jeff Loeb in the Ultimate Universe after this.

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