Jeff’s Pulls for the week of June 1st

Batman and Robin

Welcome back to this week’s pull list: what comics I’m looking forward to reading in the next week, and why I’m excited about them. Last week, I explained what pull lists are, and I hope since then some of you are now happy pull-listers in your own right.

Batman and Robin #1
Spoiler Alert!  Dick Grayson and the son of Talia al ghul and Bruce Wayne are the new Batman and Robin.  Much like Bucky replacing Captain America, Robin replaces Batman; the sidekick takes over the mantle of his mentor. From the creative team that brought us All Star Superman, Frank Quietly and Grant Morrison.

Dark Avengers #5
The Sentry and Norman Osborn square off. The Sentry, whom the Dark Avengers thought dead in the previous issue, returns and is not pleased. Written by Brian Micheal Bendis and Art by Mike Deodato Jr. this is a book that will provide newcomers with a lot of enjoyment, while keeping longtime readers entertained with little nuggets of awesome.

Mighty Avengers # 25
This weeks issue includes a guest spot by the Fantastic Four, and is a great point to jump on. Written by Dan Slott, and featuring art by Khoi Pham. Khoi’s art has kept me on this book from day one. Slotts writing, while enjoyable, is not particularly my cup of tea. The Avengers roster selection seemed very mismatched, but they have brought them together rather well over the last few issues, I like where it’s going.


Ultimate Spider Man #133
Brian Micheal Bendis and Stuart Immonen bring you the second last issue in this series. With the events of Ultimatum echoing through the Ultimate Universe this book is the one that has never disappointed. The series will relaunch after Ultimatum, until then make sure you go back and pick up the trades. Great books for guys who want to get their girls into comics as well.

Ultimatum #4
Well, that happened. Jeph Loeb was tasked with ending Marvel’s Ultimate Universe as it is…. and he’s certainly doing it. In the multi-title crossover event, Loeb’s tells the story of Magneto, seeking revenge for the death of his children no matter the cost. The first three issues featured the deaths of some of the most major characters in the Ultimate Universe. More to the point several other major heroes have been amped up, in a throwback to their 1990’s Marvel universe counterparts, I’m interested in seeing how this ends. Now I’m not saying the book is bad, it’s decent. David Finch’s art grows on each page and is an incredible visual read.

Your suggestions and questions are always appreciated. Drop a comment below or email me.

Until next week, same Dork Time, same Dork Channel!


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