Joker Trailer

Joaquin Phoenix Learns to Smile in New JOKER Trailer

The standalone villain movie gets a promising first trailer

The first trailer for director Todd Phillips’ Joker – starring Joaquin Phoenix in the titular role – has arrived online.

When Joker was first announced last year it was met with a great deal of skepticism. The director of The Hangover would be making a standalone film about one of the greatest comic book villains of all time – and legendary director Martin Scorsese would be producing it? How was this even a movie? And how would it tie in with the larger DC movies canon? Or would it? And where the hell is Batman?! There were a lot of questions.

However, once photos of Phoenix on location and in costume began to emerge, the naysayers started to quiet down. Joker appears to be taking major cues from Scorsese’s Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy (Robert De Niro even appears briefly as a late night talk show host), in terms of both its dark tone and gritty visual style – and that’s not a bad thing. There are worse styles to ape! Scorsese has since exited the project, but his producer Emma Tillinger Koskoff remains involved.

We’re still very much on the fence about Joker – it’s not the first time a DC movie has had a very promising trailer – but if this is the direction Phillips and Phoenix are taking things, consider us interested!


Watch the trailer below and judge for yourselves:

Joker – which also stars Zazie Beetz, Marc Maron, and Shea Whigham – arrives in theatres on October 4