Page of the Wind Episodes 237-243: Who is Denna?

Welcome back faithful Pagers! It’s Jeremy here with this week’s installment of the Page of the Wind blog! This week’s episodes cover pages 237-243, in which Kvothe plays music for the first time since his father’s lute was smashed in Tarbean. You could say this is what gets Kvothe his groove back. *prepares to be pelted with rotten tomatoes.* And of course, he spends more time with Denna.

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Denna is one of the most important characters in The Kingkiller Chronicle – maybe the most  important besides Kvothe himself. Like many love interests in fiction, she’s something of an alluring enigma – which means that the readership, while we all wait for Doors of Stone (take all the time you need, Rothfuss!) have been running amok with wild theories and speculation about Denna . For your edification, I’ve collected a few of the more interesting ones below.

Denna = Denner?


Several of the commenters at the re-read by Jo Walton have pointed out that Denna’s name sounds an awful lot like a certain addictive drug. Could it be that she’s *gasp* Kvothe’s drug?

Is Denna of the Fae?

Also from the eagle-eyed re-readers, several readers point out clues that Denna might be linked to the Fae. When Kvothe first re-meets Denna in Imre, she doesn’t immediately recognize the name Denna. Kvothe also muses that she seems very different – more “lovely” than “pretty”. Could those changes be explained by her spending time in Fae?

Denna is A Chandrian?


This theory comes from a commenter on the Rothfussians discussion group on Goodreads. Supporting evidence includes that she knows the ancient forgotten art of Yllish story knots. She’s always changing her name – perhaps because her own name is a curse on her? If this is true, could Cinder be her patron, and could she flit from wealthy man to wealthy man helping find and destroy rumours of the Chandrian in the collections of the well-heeled?

Denna is Auri?

One particular wild-eyed reader wonders if Denna and Auri might be one and the same. You never see the two of them in the same room, after all, and they’re both awfully important to Kvothe. But no, I think that’s a bit much, even for wild-eyed crackpot theory time.

Of course, this only scratches the surface of the many mysteries surrounding Denna, and I’m sure we’ll think on more as we continue our persual of The Name of the Wind. If you have any wild-eyed theories of your own you want to lay on us, sound off in the comments, or shoot us an e-mail at [email protected]!