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Page of the Wind Episodes 26-33

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This week’s episodes of Page of the Wind cover pages 26 – 33.

We get to see Kvothe and Bast hang up Kvothe’s old sword – which a fox-eared listener pointed out to us is not, in fact, Kvothe’s famous Caesura, but a different sword – though it may still be Adem-forged. Nick will be enjoying his customary helping of crow pie, hot and fresh from the oven.

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The fan-made version of Tinker, Tanner (by bluedanbob, mentioned for the first time this week) can be found here.

Those of you with your ears to the ground of the internet have probably heard that there was a big announcement last week, regarding the upcoming Kingkiller Chronicles media adaptation, spearheaded by Lin-Manuel Miranda and executive producer/showrunner John Rogers. The piece in Hollywood Reporter reveals a few interesting pieces of information. We’ll save you a click and summarize them here:

  • The TV show will be set a generation before the events of the Kingkiller Chronicles novels.
  • It will follow a pair of wandering performers exploring the world of Temerant.
  • The whole project encompasses a TV show, a feature film, and interactive games, all being developed concurrently.

So, there’s a lot to chew over there.


If the TV show is set a generation before the events of the books, and chronicles the adventures of a pair of wandering performers – could it be about Kvothe’s parents? If so, how are they gonna justify calling it the Kingkiller Chronicles? Did Kvothe’s folks knock off a king we don’t know about? Now, it could also be about a pair of original characters – but that doesn’t make much sense to me. I wonder how much creative input Pat has over the show. I’m personally leery of anyone else making alterations to his world in an adaptation. Look how well that worked out for Game of Thrones.

Now, on to the creative team. Lin-Manuel Miranda needs no introduction, but I’ll introduce him anyway. He’s the Broadway wunderkind who wrote, directed, and starred in Hamilton, and wrote the music for Disney’s Moana. He’s a big fan of Rothfuss’ books, and he’s put himself in charge of the music. If anyone can capture the musical aspects of the Kingkiller Chronicles, it’s probably him.

John Rogers is a name I’m less familiar with, and his IMDb page reveals a … checkered history. Points in his favour: he created the delightful cartoon Jackie Chan Adventures and the successful TV shows Leverage and The Player. He’s also got established geek cred – he created DC comic book character Jaime Reyes, the third Blue Beetle, and wrote the screenplay for the pilot for Global Frequency, an adaptation of a Warren Ellis comic that never made it to air (tragically). However, he’s also partially responsible for the screenplays for Michael Bay’s Transformers, and Halle Berry’s infamous Catwoman. So … he’s a mixed bag.

My personal feeling is that without a strong writing team, the show and thus the franchise will flounder. So I hope Patrick Rothfuss and Lin-Manuel Miranda have a strong say in how the show is made.


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– Jeremy