Play Dead S3 Episode 3: Oxenfree and Afterparty (with Bryant and Adam)

Welcome to season 3 of Play Dead, the first and only podcast that looks exclusively at death in video games! Hosted by Gabby DaRienzo, Play Dead explores the different ways that death is used in video games and the meanings it has for both players and developers.

In this episode, Gabby talks with Adam Hines and Bryant Cannon of Night School Studios, the creators of the critically-acclaimed game Oxenfree and the upcoming game Afterparty. They talk about writing for grief, the consequences of changing the past, and how Afterparty is going to deal with the subject of death.


Download: Play Dead S3 Episode 3: Oxenfree and Afterparty (with Bryant and Adam) (18:51)

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The music used in this episode comes from the Oxenfree and AfterParty soundtracks, both of which were composed by scntfc.

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