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Play Dead Episode 10: Scott Benson


Welcome to Play Dead, the first and only podcast that looks exclusively at death in video games! Hosted by Gabby DaRienzo, Play Dead explores the different ways that death is used in video games and the meanings it has for both players and developers.

In the season 1 finale of Play Dead, Gabby is joined by Scott Benson, the game developer and artist of Night in the Woods. They talk about death in Night in the Woods and its supplemental Lost Constellation, the “good death” in video games, and traumatic deaths in Canadian christmas movies.

The music used in this episode was written and composed by Alec Holowka and is from the games Night in the Woods, Lost Constellation, and Longest Night. You can check out more of Alec’s work at

The Play Dead podcast will be back with new episodes in the fall!

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