Red Balloon Trailer: Let Your Tears Fly Free

"Love Will Lift You Up"

After producing over 60 films, Avi Federgreen is set to premiere his directorial debut short film Red Balloon later this month at Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival.

Red Balloon’s poignant trailer is custom-tailored to yank at your heartstrings, touching on themes of love, loss, and learning to let go.

Red Balloon trailer:

I’ve never experienced anything as painful as losing someone I love. The trauma changed me – I wish I could say it was for the better. Knowing that death would once again rip someone out of my life felt like too much to bear. It became easier to numb myself or throw up emotional barriers to keep my anxieties at bay. But that’s not really living, is it?

Eventually, I had to make peace with things that were out of my control, and I see the same emotional journey at the heart of Red Balloon. To grow and ultimately live a life of meaning, we must accept change in its many forms, including death.


Loss and grief are inevitable aspects of loving the people in your life. So, to love we must be willing to lose, because living a life without love isn’t living at all. At some point, we must let go of our red balloons.

Red Balloon synopsis:

A devoted father overcome with despair over his young son’s illness learns that true freedom comes from love and letting go.


You can catch Red Balloon at Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival (September 19-27) and Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (November 6-22).

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