Shelf Pick: Nightshooters Trailer

Night shoots are the worst. Ask anyone in the film or television industry and they’ll tell you that shooting overnight can be an especially exhausting and trying experience for all involved.

A late night film shoot gone wrong is the premise of the upcoming action comedy Nightshooters. The aptly titled film follows a movie crew who find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, illegally shooting their movie in an abandoned building and becoming witnesses to a brutal gangland execution. Directed by Marc Price (Colin), Nightshooters pits gangsters against gaffers, fight choreographers against hitmen, and offers up some seriously impressive martial arts action. The movie was an official selection at the 2021 Toronto After Dark Film Festival

Watch the Nightshooters trailer below:

Here’s the official Nightshooters synopsis:

Nightshooters is a thrilling story of a group of filmmakers illegally shooting a low budget film in an old abandoned office building that is about to be demolished. When they accidentally witness and film a gangland execution in the opposite building, they have to use all their skills and wits to survive the night whilst being relentlessly pursued by the gang who are hell bent on not leaving any witness behind. Combining the thrills of a martial arts actioner with the popular British gangster film, (when they were decent), and adding a good dose of black humor, the unique Nightshooters boasts superb action sequences, witty dialogue and thrills that rival anything The Raid.

Nigthshooters Poster
Nightshooters is now available in Digital HD and VOD (Vimeo)