Special Offer: Save on a Fandor Subscription!

Happy Cyber Monday, everyone! While we gear up to unleash some Holiday gift giving tips of our own this week, we’d like to extend to you guys a special offer from our friends at FANDOR, one of our favourite film loving websites.

Today only if you subscribe to Fandor as a new member you’ll receive 30% off your monthly subscription plus two weeks absolutely free! What is Fandor and why should you as a film buff be excited, you might ask?

Fandor is the streaming home of thousands of handpicked, award winning films from around the world, of all lengths and genres.  By investing in strategic partnerships with festivals (F|FA) and individual filmmakers (FIX) Fandor is generating greater opportunities for filmmakers, while their member-based service reaches audiences through TV set-top, desktop, and mobile devices, as well as through Keyframe, Fandor’s digital film art and culture magazine. Fandor supports great cinema by investing half of all membership fees back to the films watched.

This offer is good for December 1st only, so act fast on this awesome opportunity to check out one of our favourite film sites! Click below to take advantage of this very special offer!




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