Springfield Googolplex Ep. 1: You Only Live Twice

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This week, Adam introduces Nate to You Only Live Twice (1967), perhaps the most ridiculous James Bond film of the Connery era and fodder for the beloved Simpsons episode, “You Only Move Twice” (S8E2). Come for Roald Dahl’s wacky take on the James Bond formula, stay for the tremendous amount of cringe!

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Also in this episode:

  • Some of Bond’s most outlandish gadgets, including an autogyro named “Little Nellie”

  • A case of yellowface that rivals even The Simpsons

  • A deep dive into the legacy of Ken Adam’s iconic volcano lair, from The Simpsons to Austin Powers to The Incredibles

  • A roundup of favorite James Bond moments from The Simpsons

  • A few thoughts on parody mashups and how parodies work when viewers don’t know the source material

  • Plus more bonus material at SpringfieldGoogolplex.org.

Next week, Nate invites Adam to watch The Karate Kid (1984) for the first time.


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