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Stargate: Universe Cancelled by SyFy

Stargate: Universe - David Blue

The recent announcement about SyFy’s cancellation of Stargate: Universe has certainly had a mixed reaction. While hardcore fans bemoan the loss of the show, other Stargate purists didn’t appreciate SGU‘s grittier tone. One troll even described it as ‘watered down, soap opera garbage’. Wow, tell us how you really feel.

While Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis managed to last ten and five seasons respectively, SGU only made it to one and half before getting the axe due to poor ratings. Many blame this on the network having moved the show to Tuesday nights in order to make room for WWE Friday Night Smackdown. That’s set in space or something, right?

Many agreed that although it didn’t live up to earlier incarnations of the franchise, it seemed to be improving as the second season progressed. To make matters worse, many members of the cast and crew learned of the cancellation via Twitter.

One question that all Stargate fans are asking is ‘Does this mean the end of the Stargate franchise?’ Considering that the entertainment industry seems determined to flog a horse until it’s dead (ahem… Spider-Man?) it’s probably safe to say this isn’t the last we’ll see of Eli Wallace.


The rest of the second season is expected to air in Spring 2011.

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