States Zach Gayne

States: Check Out the Trailer for Zach Gayne’s Road Movie

If a well-worn paperback of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road or a dusty VHS of Richard Linklater’s Slacker are on your shelf, then States is for you. The latest drama from Zach Gayne (Homewreck) is a rambling, wandering road movie. It’s a portrait of a lost generation too tuned-in to instant gratification to appreciate the freedom of the open road. The film is now available on home video and worth checking out, especially for film buffs looking to wander off the beaten track.

Check out some photos and the trailer below:

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Synopsis: States was inspired by daring works of independent adventurism, particularly in the Slacker spirit. It was made with nothing but a camera, two microphones, a credit card, and a passion for the open road. The film is a neorealist collaboration with carefully selected, very talented strangers – actors and non-actors recruited along the way. It tells an ensemble tale of drifters, ramblers, sirens and gamblers. A transient road film featuring an array of young nomads wandering throughout the U.S. with varying degrees of purpose, or lack-thereof, States is a multifaceted meditation on freedom via Twain/Altman/Homer. It’s an outsider’s love letter to America and the searchers of its endless highways.


States is available on Vimeo, VHX, and iTunes.