BGM Episode 104: Tumbledown

Bad Gay Movies continues its exploration of some pretty dark times by dipping into the impressive filmography of Todd Verow for the first time! Join Bil, Daniel and Michael as they watch Tumbledown!

The Dork Shelf Guide to Holiday Shopping: Day 7

After a few days of detouring into some theme columns for movies, music, and gaming, we’re back with the next proper installment of our gift guide and more suggestions for how to make the geek, nerd, or dork in your life as happy as possible this holiday. Miss a day? Go back and check out […]

Carrie Review

Carrie might be one of the few cases not only of a remake that’s on par with the original, but of one that makes just enough tweaks in style, performance, and theme to warrant its existence.

The Wizard of Oz 3D Review

It's not a cynical cash grab. This one week only IMAX 3D re-release of The Wizard of Oz simply underlines and amplifies how awesome the original film already is.

TIFF 2013: Burt’s Buzz Review

Burt’s Buzz TIFF Docs Director: Jody Shapiro You’ve likely had that moment. Crawling through the Shoppers Drug Mart aisle, scanning the shelves for where the toothpaste begins. Eventually your eyes cross the rack of Burt’s Bees products, the massive yellow skin-care care brand, marked with the face of a hirsute woodsman. Maybe not each time, […]

Evil Dead Review

The good news about the Evil Dead remake is that it’s a pretty enjoyable bloody romp. The bad news is, it’s nowhere near as exciting, fun or, well-crafted as the original trilogy. The reaction you’ll have to it will really come down to the expectations you bring to the theatre.