Act of Valor

This Week in DVD: 6/5/12

This week in DVD, the big time money maker, but already forgotten Safe House, the unforgettable bomb John Carter, a pair of films so cheesy they're fun, and... um... Act of Valor.

Act of Valor Review

With its use of active duty U.S. Navy Seals instead of actors and its allegedly true to life trappings, it would be far too easy to call Act of Valor out on the carpet for wearing its political leanings on its sleeve. It's pretty bad, but it never fully becomes a self-serious version of Team America and it just barely eschews becoming Call of Duty: The Movie. It's earnest, poorly staged jingoism would be more easily overlooked had the film been made by people who actually have a clue how to direct a movie.

Giveaway: Catch Act of Valor in Toronto!

Hey guys! Want to catch an advanced screening of the film ACT OF VALOR in Toronto before it comes out in theatres? Well, our good friends at Alliance Films have given us 10 double passes to give away to you wonderful Dork Shelf readers. The film tells the story of a US Navy Seal unit […]