Alex Wolff

Patriots Day Review

Peter Berg's Patriots Day takes a tragedy that's still fresh in our memories and makes something that's equal parts thrilling and harrowing.

Interview: Rob Meyer

We talk to Rob Meyer, director of the coming of age film A Birder's Guide to Everything (now available on DVD and VOD in Canada, and on DVD in the US this coming Tuesday and starring Kodi Smit-McPhee and Ben Kingsley) about the energy his young stars brought to the production, how he pulled unlikely inspiration from Monty Python, why it’s impossible to look cool while birdwatching, and why he was actually really excited to fight his film’s initial R-rating in front of the MPAA.

Home Entertainment Round-Up: 5/20/14

We play catch up with the DVDs we've accumulated over the past month with Phil looking at Criterion releases for Riot in Cell Block 11 and Breaking the Waves, the recently remastered Sorcerer, a re-cut version of the documentary Cocaine Cowboys, the fourth and final season of Eastbound and Down, and the latest Paranormal Activity film. Dave looks at straight-to-video efforts Mr. Jones and Bad Country, along with new discs for Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia and Seven Warriors. And Andrew looks back on A Birder's Guide to Everything and Big Bad Wolves.

TIFF Next Wave 2014: A Birder’s Guide to Everything Review

A Birder’s Guide to Everything If one were to cross a low-key modern American indie with a 1980s coming of age road comedy, you would get something close to the amusing and thoughtful debut feature from Rob Meyer, A Birder’s Guide to Everything. Both a better breed of teen movie than audiences normally get and […]