Benh Zeitlin

Sundance 2020: Wendy Review

Wendy, from Beasts of the Southern Wilds director Benh Zeitlin, is a modern-day reimagining of J. M. Barrie’s classic fantasy tale, Peter Pan.

This “Week” in DVD: 12/18/12

With films coming to home video two days this week (Tuesday and Friday) here's part one of our look at the latest releases including Beasts of the Southern Wild, Killer Joe, Total Recall, Premium Rush, and Arbitrage.

TFCA Announces Best in Film in 2012

The Toronto Film Critics Association has named the winners in their annual survey of film critics within the city and Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master came out a huge winner. Here's this year's results including a couple of surprise winners and the nominees for the Rogers Best Canadian Feature award to be determined on January 8th.

Beasts of the Southern Wild Review

Pitched somewhere between a southern gothic, a fairly tale, and a hard luck life childhood, Beasts of the Southern Wild is an undeniably striking feature directorial debut from Benh Zeitlin. It’s a low budget, independent movie with the scope of an epic, nimbly weaving between acutely observed realism and wide-eyed child’s fantasy. Unfortunately, that combination of seemingly contradictory elements is both the film’s strength and shortcoming.