This Week at the Bloor 12/23/13

The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema closes out their programming year with the stunning and thoughtful Expedition to the End of the World and the problematic Maidentrip. We also look at a bunch of special screenings happening over the holiday season, including the quadruple-feature of holiday classics going down today!

This Week at The Bloor: 10/18/13

There's only one new release this week at The Bloor - One Track Heart: The Story of Krishna Das, which really isn't very good - but there are plenty of returning favourites, special events, and special screenings packing the theatre for the rest of the month.

Blackfish Review

Blackfish is a gut wrenching and powerful look at how sea park mismanagement essentially created a killer through deplorable conditions and general apathy, but what's even more shocking is how the same and formerly majestic Orca is still being used and exploited today after three deaths.