Blood in the Snow 2013

Blood in the Snow 2013: Evangeline Review

Evangeline (Opening Night Film) A mishmash of halfbaked genre elements cribbed from other far better films and filmmakers and an almost inscrutable story, Karen Lam’s Evangeline is an unfortunate mess that never comes together and sets some genuinely good performances hopelessly adrift. Kat de Lieva stars as the titular protagonist, a shy young student just […]

Blood in the Snow 2013: Discopath Review

Discopath Owing a lot to such 42nd Street sleazefests as Dario Argento’s Tenebre, Lucio Fulci’s New York Ripper, William Lustig’s Maniac, and Canon Film’s shit-tastic New Year’s Evil, Renaud Gauthier’s Quebecois genre send-up and period piece Discopath is a gory, and deliberately silly ode to late 70s/early 80s slashers. In 1976 New York City, Duane […]

Blood in the Snow 2013: Thanatomorphose Review

Thanatomorphose If you’re looking for a repulsive, mean-spirited, body horror gore fest that quickly transforms into a morbid pornography of human decay, then look no further than Thanatomorphose. Writer/director Eric Falardeau (no doubt a fan of David Cronenberg’s The Fly borrowing liberally for his more grotesque moments, such as body parts in jars) has created […]

Blood in the Snow 2013: Clean Break Review

Clean Break Clean Break is an engaging, if mostly predictable genre effort with star Tianna Nori giving the film a much needed dash of sinister delight. The Toronto based thriller takes off when Scott (Sean Kaufmann), an out-of-work but likable everyman , accepts roommates Cam (Sam Osman) and Dan’s (Serge Plourde) invite to a work […]

Blood in the Snow 2013: Criminal Review

Criminal Tales of revenge rarely have a happy ending, but Criminal leans on its influences a little too hard, as it tries to look all dark and gritty without having any genuine substance to it all. Innis (Ian Dyck) is an overstressed security guard who sees society crumbling around him while he tries to go […]