Catherine Deneuve

The Criterion Shelf: Written by Jean-Claude Carrière

Covering all genres, numerous countries, high arthouse stuff and populist entertainment, Carrière was a natural fit no matter what he worked on, his talent and sensibilities blending in seamlessly with the directors with whom he collaborated.

The Criterion Shelf: Starring Catherine Deneuve

Her immense career still goes strong as she has not lost the desire to take chances with artistically adventurous directors, and keeping up with her filmography is no easy task (I’ve been trying for years) but the Criterion Channel’s collection, despite not including her one Oscar-nominated performance, covers her most notable work and is the best summation yet of a classic star.

Cinéfranco 2015: In The Name of My Daughter Review

In the Name of My Daughter tells the real life story of the events leading to the disappearance of Agnès Le Roux, daughter of the rich casino owner Renée Le Roux during 70’s French Riviera. Legendary french actress Catherine Deneuve plays the mother Renée, but it’s Adèle Haenel (Agnès) who shines and gives an outstanding performance. […]

CineFranco 2014: On My Way Review

On My Way Iconic actress Catherine Deneuve stars as a woman who when faced with a failed relationship and a struggling restaurant decides to head out on a road trip.  What begins as a quick journey to clear her head turns into a bumpy ride filled with chance encounters, revisiting with old friends, the rekindling […]