Molly Maxwell Review

Two excellent leading performances and assured direction help the high school set, Lolita-styled drama Molly Maxwell rise well above its overly chaste and predictable screenplay.

More From WSFF 2012!

Following the kick-off to our coverage of the CFC's 18th annual Worldwide Short Film Festival on Friday, here's a look at a handful of programs from this year's gathering of some of the best short films from around the world that starts tomorrow night. Today, we take a look at several more of the high profile Official Selection Programs, indie comedy, music video, and science fiction showcases, and the highly anticipated all night horror marathon The Night Shift and the always star studded Celebrity Shorts.

Worldwide Short Film Festival Preview

Andrew Parker, James Farrington, Phil Brown, and Jenna Hossack take a look at a bunch of programs in this year's 18th annual CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival. We take a look at comedy, drama, Christmas, love, families, kids films, surrealism, and many other disparate elements that come together to make this festival one of the city's most endearingly eclectic.

Servitude Review

Bland and, sitcom-ish Servitude aims low but manages a few moments of comedic glory that hit harder than they should given the film’s weak story concept.