Charlie Chaplin

Films in Brief: 2/16/14

Since all three of this week's major releases all press screened at the same night and time during the week, here now are our reviews of the smart and funny remake of About Last Night and the astoundingly and laughably awful Winter's Tale. Also, an explanation as to why we don't have new reviews for Endless Love or Gloria, we double back on last week's never press screened Vampire Academy, we a look at Pussy Riot: A Punk Rock Prayer, which was the only new film at the Bloor this week, a special sneak at The Bloor tonight, family day offerings at The Bloor and the TIFF Bell Lightbox, and a look ahead to a Lightbox retrospective of some of Jean-Luc Godard's favourite Hollywood films starting on Thursday.

Interview: Alicia Fletcher

We talk to Alicia Fletcher, film archivist and programmer for the Silent Sundays series of silent films at The Revue, who this Sunday will screen comedies from silent film heavyweights Buster Keaton, Fatty Arbuckle, and Charlie Chaplin. We talk about her work as an archivist, the importance of music in silent films today and during initial release, and a bit about the diverging careers and films of Arbuckle and Keaton.