Cinefranco 2014

CineFranco 2014: Vandal Review

Vandal After getting busted for stealing a car, 15 year old Chérif (Zinedine Benchenine) is remanded into the custody of his aunt and uncle when he gets bitten by the bug to (more productively) start creating street art with the help of his cousin Thomas and a band of fellow taggers and artists. Benchenine’s formidable […]

CineFranco 2014: Wrestling Queens Review

Wrestling Queens Rose (Marilou Berry), a supermarket cashier fresh out of prison, tries to reconnect with her estranged son through his love of wrestling by forming a band of grapplers with her co-workers. With the help of a wash-out former pro (Andre Dussollier), the group now faces three months of training before facing the dreaded […]

CineFranco 2014: Hold Back Review

Hold Back There’s a great idea buried within Rachid Djaidani’s (probably purposefully) amateurish and underdeveloped look at love across religious barriers that never quite comes out thanks to a lack of real insight beyond surface level issues and a scattershot style that makes the film a chore to watch instead of conveying a vibrant and […]

CineFranco 2014: On My Way Review

On My Way Iconic actress Catherine Deneuve stars as a woman who when faced with a failed relationship and a struggling restaurant decides to head out on a road trip.  What begins as a quick journey to clear her head turns into a bumpy ride filled with chance encounters, revisiting with old friends, the rekindling […]

CineFranco 2014: Bright Days Ahead Review

Bright Days Ahead When a married, retired dentist Caroline (Fanny Ardant) attends a computer class, she falls for her significantly younger lecturer (Laurant Lafitte) and embarks on a passionate love affair, remaining pragmatic even when learning he has had a crush on her since before the class started. Everything goes well enough until her husband […]

CineFranco 2014: The Informant (Gibraltar) Review

The Informant (Gibraltar) An intense, character driven thriller, The Informant concerns a nearly lawless patch of land in a civilized world and the efforts of one man to stay alive while caught between people on both sides of the law who want to make names for themselves. Gilles Lellouche (Little White Lies, Tell No One) […]

CineFranco 2014: The Scar Review

The Scar Bullying and the scarring left behind is examined in this Quebecois miserabalist drama that’s told with a lot of emotion and good ideas, but sometimes misses the mark. Following a rec-league hockey game, Richard (Marc Beland) decides to give new player Paul (Patrick Goyette) a ride home. Unfortunately for Paul, he doesn’t realize […]

Cinefranco 2014: Moroccan Gigolos Review

Moroccan Gigolos A trio of best friends of different ethnic backgrounds concoct a less than honourable and pleasant money making scheme so they can afford rent on their considerably more honourable money making scheme of running a snack bar in this year’s dreadfully confused and astoundingly unfunny opening night film. Following a car accident that […]