CineFranco 2014: The Informant (Gibraltar) Review

Gibraltar - The Informant

The Informant (Gibraltar)

An intense, character driven thriller, The Informant concerns a nearly lawless patch of land in a civilized world and the efforts of one man to stay alive while caught between people on both sides of the law who want to make names for themselves.

Gilles Lellouche (Little White Lies, Tell No One) stars as Marc Duval, a family man with heavy burdens and even heavier debts in 1980s Gibraltar, a hotbed of smuggling, illegal trading, and drug running that the French and the British are powerless to stop. To help alleviate some of his debts, he enters into a tenuous alliance with a hotshot French border agent (Tahar Rahim from A Prophet and The Past) who turns Marc into a government snitch to catch increasingly bigger fish with increasingly dangerous results.

Playing like a more restrained, better focused, and far more intense version of the somewhat similarly themed David O. Russell film American Hustle, director Julien Leclercq delivers a gorgeous looking, slow burning suspense flick and political potboiler without devolving into melodramatics or unnecessary convolution. It’s helped along nicely by a sympathetic turn from Lellouche, confident work from Rahim, and a memorably sleazy Riccardo Scarmarcio. (Andrew Parker)



Sunday, April 6th, 4:30pm, The Royal

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